19.04.2018; Vortrag

Paulo Crespo: In-vivo Monitoring of Particle and Photon Radiotherapy: some R&D trends

Institutsseminar; talk pdf
15:00 - 16:00 Uhr
ASB, E19
Zellescher Weg 19
01069 Dresden

Paulo Crespo [University of Coimbra]

The clinical advantages of particle therapy will be briefly covered with examples taken from the literature. Examples of motivations for in-vivo monitoring of particle and photon radiotherapy will be shown. The in-beam and offline PET technique will be presented, as well as the prompt gamma opportunity to monitor particle therapy (one simulated technique will be shown: the multi-slat camera). Imaging of patient scattered radiation to monitor megavoltage X-ray radiotherapy will also be presented with both simulation and experimental results shown

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