22.11.2018; Vortrag

Thomas Kuhr: Flavor Physics at Belle II

15:00 - 16:00 Uhr
ASB, E19
Zellescher Weg 19
01069 Dresden

Thomas Kuhr [LMU Muenchen]

The standard model of particle physics is a very successful theory, but can only be an approximation of a more general theory. A complementary approach to the direct search for physics beyond the standard model via the production of new particles in high-energy collisions is the precise measurement of processes and the comparison to theoretical predictions. This is the approach of the Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB e+e- collider in Tsukuba, Japan. It will collect a sample of events with entangled B meson pairs, charm hadrons, and tau leptons 50 times larger than its predecessor Belle and offer unique opportunities for flavor physics measurements. After the successful commissioning run this year, Belle II will start its physics run early 2019. The status of the experiment, the physics program, and outreach activities will be presented.

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