Welcome to Scout, the configurable source-to-source transformation tool designed to automatically vectorize C source code. Scout provides the means to vectorize loops using SIMD instructions at source level. Our main focus during the development of Scout is a maximum flexibility of the tool in two ways: being capable of vectorizing a wide range of loop constructs and being capable of targeting various modern SIMD architectures. Scout supports several SIMD instructions sets like SSE, AVX, or AVX-512 and is easily extensible to upcoming ones.


ACCU 2012, Oxford, UK: Slides

4th Workshop on Productivity & Performance (PROPER 2011) at Euro-Par 2011 Conference, 30 August 2011, Bordeaux, France:
Scout: A Source-to-Source Transformator for SIMD-Optimizations

16th Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computing, January 11-13, 2012, Padova, Italy:
Auto-Vectorization Techniques for Modern SIMD Architectures 


Scout is freely available under a BSD-like license.
The source code can be downloaded via SVN:

svn checkout hicfd/trunk/Scout

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