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Beyer-Bau © Ulrich van Stipriaan

Civil engineers build the future

We use bridges to overcome rivers and valleys.
We use houses to dwell and to feel at home.
We use roads to move forward by bicycle or car.
We use hangars to work.
We use towers to communicate with modern communications technology.
We use our built environment to live.
All this must be built, maintained, converted and eventually be replaced.

The civil engineer deals with all these phases of a building and of our built environment. His responsibilities are enormous: the security of people living in and with the built environment people lies in his hands.

Building is an art - an art that can be learned. It was not without reason that in architecture we are talking about an art of building, when it comes to buildings that are designed by engineers: bridges, towers, large hangar, tunnels, dams, barrages and many others.

The operation of such often very complex structures must however be learned. Today construction companies enter new markets, by taking the operation work off the builder.

The world is getting smaller. Our expertise is in demand worldwide. More and more civil engineers spend some time abroad, getting to know foreign countries.

Impressions of the Beyer-Bau, the home of civil engineers at the Dresden University of Technology. © TU Dresden