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Strong in Research – Strong in Transfer

We support scientists through the entire innovation cycle and assist in securing the research results, the commercialisation and exploitation of intellectual property rights as well as networking with industry, political and societal actors and stakeholders. For external partner we provide contacts to scientists and initiate strategic co-operations.

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TU Dresden Transfer Office

Alongside research and teaching, the Technische Universität Dresden is committed to the transfer of knowledge. New scientific insights, processes and technologies are to be made available to industry actors, business and society through an effective and fruitful transfer process. The successful implementation of innovative research results, in particular the commercialisation of patens, creating pioneering and forward-looking products and services strengthens the innovation drive. The Transfer Office actively promotes the intensive co-operation with industry, political and societal partners.

Our Team is happy to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding your endeavours and ideas. We work and strive for a successful and fruitful knowledge & know-how transfer.

The Transfer Office is part of TU Dresden Institution Strategy and is funded through the State and Federal Excellence Initiative.