18.10.2018 - 19.10.2018

#courage2018 // HANDELN!

How can I learn to handle experiences of discrimination in my everyday life?

Zentrum für Integrationsstudien der TU Dresden
18.10.2018, 10:00 Uhr - 19.10.2018, 16:00 Uhr
Bürogebäude Strehlener Straße, Raum ???
Strehlener Straße 22
01069 Dresden

Jerônimo Dantas de Oliveira, Teresa Wilmes

Studentische Hilfskraft


Herr Timo Kracht


Zentrum für Integrationsstudien

Zentrum für Integrationsstudien

Adresse work


Seminargebäude 1 Zellescher Weg 22

01217 Dresden

ACT! - Event in the context of the workshop programme of #courage2018

This workshop is directed towards students studying at TU who experience different forms of discrimination, in particular in the context of migration.  Racism and other forms of discrimination are often not made a subject of discussion in our daily life and experiences are silenced. Why is it so difficult to talk about it? What does discrimination do to us and our emotions? With several methods, including the Theatre of the Oppressed after Augusto Boal, this workshop wants to offer a safe space to reflect on these sensitive topics regarding different contexts, such as in university, at home or at work. Furthermore, we want to gather strategies that strengthen empowerment and self-determination for whom experiences forms of discrimination in daily life. 


  • Reflect on experiences of discrimination
  • Develop strategies of empowerment


  • Theatre of the Oppressed
  • Different methods of reflection in groups and individually
  • Round of talks

This workshop will be hold in English.

A Registration is possible via the website of the Center for Continuing Education (ZfW) until 04/10/2018.

You can find more information on the event and on #courage2018 // ACT! here.

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