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Studying at the Institute of Sociology

Do you sometimes wonder why things are the way they are? Why, for example, more and more primary school pupils are applying for admission to a grammar school and more and more school graduates are going on to study rather than vocational training? How modern families look like and function? Who actually defines what a fair distribution of resources and life chances is and what it means for the members of a society to live in a 'parliamentary democracy' and a 'coordinated market economy'?

If that is the case, Sociology could be the right subject for you to study! These are some of the questions that sociology has continued to ask since its inception at the end of the 19th century, and that have been answered by theoretical considerations and empirical studies.

On the following pages you will find useful information on the degree programmes at the Institute, on applying for studies, on courses, examinations, student information and counselling services, and on international offers.

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