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Research Focuses

Research is carried out both by the individuals working at the professorship and in connection with research projects and other forms of collaboration. It is characteristic that the people working here share fundamental perspectives, that they work on in distinct subject areas, and that they also set different accents in the theoretical orientations, which, however, complement each other.
One of the most important similarities is the interest in cultural phenomena that are related to the economic and technological structures of modern society; this also implies the inclusion of problems and objects from political economy, economic sociology and the sociology of the mass media. In terms of their specific problem reference, our work research its attention on the role of material culture (of goods and merchandise, technical artefacts, structural orders, etc.), communicative infrastructures (discourse, knowledge, episteme) and media technologies (print, radio, TV, internet) as well as various other media sociation ("Medien der Vergesellschaftung"). A common interest lies in the connections between historical transformations in the societal subfields addressed (and thus the economic, technological, social, scientific and cultural history), major transformations of the social structure, modes of production, consumption relationships and knowledge systems as well as everyday practices and subject formation.

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