[Projekt A01: Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits for Ultra High-Speed Wireless Board-to-Board Computer Communication]

[Projekt A02: Ultra High-Speed Wireless Board-to-Board Computer Communication]

[Projekt A03: Effecient Cooperative Communications in Multihop Networks]

[Projekt A04: Modeling Performance and Power Consumption of Energy-Aware Software on a Highly Adaptive Computing System]

[Projekt A05: Antennas and Characterization for Adaptive Wireless Backplane Communication]

[Projekt A06: Compact Modelling and Experimental Characterization for Ultra-High Data Transmission]

[Projekt A07: Design of Broadband Integrated Circuits for Energy-Adaptive Optical Onboard Links for Inter-Chip Communication]

[Projekt A08: Distributed Cross-Layer Security for Dynamic Networks]

[Projekt A10: System Integration for Optical and Wireless Pbit/s Communication in High Performance Computing]

[Projekt A11: Monolithic Photonic Transceiver for Onboard Optical Communication]

[Projekt A12: Energy-Efficient Routing Mechanisms for Board-to-Board Communication on the HAEC Box]

[Projekt A13: Edge Caching Solution Based on the HAEC Box]

[Projekt B01: Energy-Aware Software Architecture]

[Projekt B02: Semantic Technology for Context Awareness]

[Projekt B03: Formal Methods for Quantitative Analysis and Optimization of Energy Models]

[Projekt B04: Energy-Aware Resource Management]

[Projekt B05: Energy-Aware Stream and Configuration Management]

[Projekt B06: Energy-Aware Service Execution]

[Projekt B07: Languages and Compilers for Energy-Efficient Programming]

[Projekt B08: High-Capacity Knowledge Processing Pipeline]

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