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Master of Science in Computational Modeling and Simulation

The Masters program "Computational Modeling and Simulation" is a joint curriculum between the Faculty of Computer Science, the Faculty of Mathematics, and the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB) with participation of the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Economics, and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The research-oriented interdisciplinary and international Masters Program offers application-independent training and specialization in five application-specific tracks, offering unique flexibility to students.

The program also offers the possibility to fast-track into a structured PhD program, benefiting from the participation of local key-partners in the relevant fields.

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Important topics

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Computational Modeling and Simulation

The CMS-Master course is...

... future-oriented, attractive, and international

... a cross-faculty and cross-departmental study programme applying the synergies of multi-disciplinary training

... highly flexible due to subject-specific tracks

...joint interdisciplinary topics are taught together