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Dresden offers a unique combination of student life, affordable cost of living, and ample career perspectives in industry and academia.

Colorful student life and leisure activities

The state capital Dresden is well known for its diverse cultural offers. Visits to cabarets, museums, theatres, opera and concert halls, cinemas or music festivals are on offer as well as activities in the many sports facilities or the surrounding nature of the Elbe river landscape, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Ore Mountains. For those who want a little escape from Dresden: Berlin, Prague, Leipzig and Wrocław can be reached quickly and inexpensively.

Dresden offers a lively and exciting night life with countless bars, pubs, clubs and concerts for every taste. Being called the capital of student clubs, Dresden combines a great variety of locations: small and homely clubs with chill out music, big clubs with dance floors as well as individual locations are awaiting your visit.

One of the summer highlights is the open-air film nights on the banks of the Elbe, the "Filmnächte am Elbufer". In July and August approximately 4,000 visitors have room at the cinema area  to watch movies of a variety of genres with the world famous silhouette of the historic Dresden in the background. The area is a popular open air concert venue, too.

You may also spend exciting nights in the Dresdner Neustadt (city district across the river Elbe) that is especially popular with students and young people due to its numerous bars, clubs, discos and restaurants. The atmosphere in the Neustadt locations ranges from cosy to futuristic. Dance enthusiasts can enjoy themselves in several large discos or smaller scene clubs.

The Bunte Republik Neustadt, an annual multicultural festival in the Neustadt district, lasting for two days, is known for its open, cross-cultural and easy-going atmosphere.

If you prefer to relax in a green and quite atmosphere you can also enjoy yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Dresden. No matter if you prefer the green Elbe river meadows, the bizarr sand stone formations of the Sächsische Schweiz or the vineyards around Radebeul and Meißen, giving the area an almost mediterranean flair. There are plenty of options for every taste and preference.

Find more information on all kind of leisure activities here:

Cultural Office of TU Dresden

About Dresden (DIPP)

Everyday student life in Dresden

Why Dresden?

 Affordable cost of living

There are no tuition fees in Dresden and students can find affordable housing at the Students' Union in Dresden and on the open market. Over 35 student dorms provide more than 6,000 dorm rooms, ranging between 72 and 245 euros per month. For private residences you can expect an average monthly rent of 7.10 euros/m2 including all charges for the utilities.

Support for finding accommodation and for all other administrative issues related to relocate to Dresden is offered at the TUD Welcome Center for international students.

Further information on relocation to Dresden and public administration:

Moving and getting started (DIPP)

Getting Started in Dresden (Master Course DSE)

Career perspectives in industry and academia

Dresden is an excellent place for science. The TU Dresden was awarded the title University of Excellence, in June 2012. The title acknowledges the particular quality of the interdisciplinary and international training at the university, which is combined with high practical relevance. As a consequence, TU Dresden is also participating in the follow-up programme of the Excellence Initiative, which was agreed on in summer 2016 and named the "Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments".

DRESDEN-concept is an unique research alliance of the TU Dresden and 26 scientific and cultural institutions in Dresden exemplifying the strength of academia in Dresden. The co-operation of all DRESDEN-concept partners aims at the development and use of synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration and was an integral part of the succesful application as "University of Excellence" in 2012. Within the DRESDEN-concept consortium, you find numerous strong local partners of the CMS Master's Course offering additional career perspectives in academia (see logos below).

In addition, Dresden qualifies as one of the leading business centers in Germany offering various career perspectives in industry. Globally leading companies such as GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, VON ARDENNE AnlagentechnikDaimler Protics and Novaled operate in and around Dresden. The so called "Silicon Saxony" is one of the most important locations for the semi-conductor industry in Europe. Renowned global companies such as Globalfoundries and Infineon run state-of-the-art factories in Dresden. From 2018, the BOSCH Group's most modern chip factory is built here to the tune of one billion euros.

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