Entrance requirements for Master in Computer Science

Applicants for Master Program Computer Science have to fulfill prerequisites beyond TUD's admission requirements (see for an overview and regarding proficiency in German) by providing proof on subjects in certain areas of Computer Science according to the admission regulations (see below).

Every year applications have to be mailed by 31st July for the winter term and by 15th January for summer term in writing to:

Technische Universität Dresden, Fakultät Informatik
"Master Informatik"
c/o Studiendekan für deutschsprachige Studiengänge
01062 Dresden

Foreign applicants with a foreign certificate of access to higher education have to apply by 31st May for winter term and by 30th November for summer term by writing to:

Technische Universität Dresden
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststraße 5
10829 Berlin

The following hints give an overview and illustrate what is required according to the particular regulations for this degree program:

  • A first professional degree in Computer Science awarded by a university (typically in 6 semesters after 12th grade);
  • Proof of sufficient specialized knowledge by 120 non-overlapping credits from courses in the following areas:
    • at least 25 credits in Mathematics,
    • at least 12 credits in Theoretical Computer Science or Artificial Intelligence,
    • at least 12 credits in Computer Engineering,
    • at least 35 credits in Practical Computer Science, out of which 18 credits must be in the domain of programming/software engineering

    For item b) it is necessary to complete the

     form on admission. Please complete and provide it with your application. Additional documents are certificates (typically Bachelor-degree), transcript of records (if the degree is not yet completed at the time of applications), and module descriptions of the study programs, for which you bring in the credits, in German or English.
  • Certification of knowledge in English at level B2 according to Common European Framework of Reference of Languages
    Proof is sufficient if:
    • the applicant's mother tongue is English,
    • previous degree program was hold in English completely,
    • at least 12 credits have been obtained in English classes during the Bachelor degree program,
    • a TOEFL-Test was passed with at least 550/213/80 (written/computer-based/internet-based) points,
    • an IELTS-Test was passed with a minimum of 6.5 points, or
    • a similar test was passed.

    Students of a Bachelor Program at TU Dresden have gained knowledge in English at level B2 if they have completed two modules of the

    Introduction to Professional and Scientific Language English with a grade of at least 2.5 (please provide documentation such as transcript of records).

Note! Applicants who do not have yet completed their first degree at the time of preparing their application, will be considered if they have achieved already 80% of the credits necessary for completing the degree. Please get approval for the admission form by the student office of your home university. Prerequisites according to item b) above, however, have to be fulfilled. There is no threshold regarding the grades required.

Please include the following documents:

  • Application forms according to the online application system;
  • In case you hold a university degree already:
    • certificate of first University degree,
  • In case you do not hold a university degree yet:
  • Completed and signed form for assessment of admission;
  • Certified copy of your Transcript of records/Reports on university examinations;
  • Official desciptions of modules/courses/lectures in English or German
    (URL to the descriptions at your university's website would suffice.);
  • Certification of sufficient knowledge in English at level B2.

Important: All copies of the original transcripts and degrees must be authenticated as true copies of the originals with a stamp and signature by an authorized institution (i. e. German embassy, consulate, public notary). The accuracy of the attached English translation of the documents must be confirmed.

Please note additional documentation on hints for the admission procedure.