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The Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering has been at the core of the development of TU Dresden and it is today the largest faculty at this university. This tradition and the responsibility for the present and the future suggest that the principles of thinking and actions followed by the faculty should be captured in a mission statement. It provides guidance for all faculty members and formulates the principles that align with how the faculty conducts its substantive work and promotes a culture of coexistence. The mission statement of the faculty is embedded in the mission statement of TU Dresden.


Wichtige Themen im Überblick

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A Bond

The Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering is guided by seven principles:

1. As a faculty, we offer excellent training and encourage future engineers to work for a sustainable future for people.

2. We convey the fascination and social significance of technology in life.

3.Enthusiasm for a living research is at the basis of our teaching. We understand research and teaching as an experience and as development of new territory.

4. Our research activities are geared towards the societal needs of the future. Our training concepts and structures are aligned with this view.

5. Students, staff and professors interact with mutual respect, sincerity and openness.

6. Material, time and energy are valuable resources - we use them efficiently.

7. Competence requires lifelong learning. We nurture this attitude in our students and live it through continuous training of all employees of the faculty.

A brief guideline illustrates each principle. Download the Mission Statement Document. The wordings of the mission statement involve any person, regardless of gender.