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Chair of Fluid-Mechatronic Systems (Fluidtronics)

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Our institute focuses on research and teaching in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic drives and controls. In the field of research and teaching we have established a close cooperation with companies which produce or use fluid power products. We offer students an academic education in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics. Hands-on training and practical, relevant content are guaranteed, as we employ engineers from companies to teach a portion of the courses.

The team has a broad technical and professional background. Research assistants from the fields of mechanical, electronic, and mechatronic engineering work on today’s most relevant research issues. They are supported by scientific assistants and students as well as non-scientific personnel.

In the research and teaching field, the institute is embedded in two degree programs: mechanical engineering (cluster: integrated resource conserving product generation) and mechatronics.

Therefore he has acquired comprehensive expert knowledge in developing motion and equipment drives, including controls and software, soon also to be a part of the institute’s research and teaching topics. The Institute of Fluid Power represents the research and education in hydraulic and pneumatic drive and control technology at the TU Dresden. It plays a leading role in the German and international research community and is a well-recognized research and development partner for companies. This leading position is based on a long tradition of excellent results in basic and application oriented research projects. Existing research emphases, such as hydraulic and pneumatic control technology in stationary applications, the computation of fluid dynamics (CFD) in pumps and valves, and methods of virtual product development, will be maintained and intensified. The existing research activities will be extended with research in the field of new hybrid drive structures, the safety of fluid mechatronic functions and aspects of software development.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Helduser successfully directed the institute until February 2010. With his work, he considerably contributed to the development of the institute and the fluid power industry in Germany. In order to acknowledge his accomplishments, we would like to thank him here once again.


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