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The Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry (IMB) is part of the Carl Gustav Carus Faculty of Medicine at the Technische Universität Dresden. Since 2010, Prof. Dr. Ingo Roeder is director of the institute. He holds the chair for Medical Statistic and Biometry. In addition to the training of students in the fiels of biometry, bioinformatics and systems medicine as well as the methodological support of research projects at the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital Dresden, the IMB is actively engaged in various research projects within the fields of systems biology and systems medicine. That means, with the help of theoretical approaches and computational methods, the IMB runs and supports the planning, implementation, analysis, and interpretation of basic scientific and clinical research projects. In 2018 a second professorship for Medical Informatics has been installed. This chair is held by Dr. Martin Sedlmayr.

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