The Team of Tutors

Tutorenteam SoSe2016

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Tutors help all international students from their faculty – just contact them.

The International Office chooses the tutors carefully, conducts an intensive training before the beginning of the semester, and works together closely with them during the semester.

You can find your tutor very easily:

  • Think about what faculty you are studying at.

  • Look at the following chart and find the name and E-mail address of your tutor.

The tutors are not online all the time. So please do not be disappointed if you do not receive an answer right away. However, if your tutor has not contacted you after 5 days, please send an E-mail to the project coordinator Ms Pretzsch.

Here is the overview of the tutors:

in summersemester 2016: ( Name of the Faculties is in alphabetical order)


Franziska Günther            

Jiayin Xie
Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Sebastian Stölting

Florian Wiedemann
Business and Economics

Richard Hartl

Arne Schloßmacher
Civil Engineering Clemens Adami
Computer Science Thuy Dung Vu
Education Tatsiana Dashuk
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Theresa Struckmann Magdalena Lutz      
Environmental Science Christoffer Köster
Law Nikola Tenglerova
Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies

Ariana Kravchuk  

Ksenia Kondrateva
Mechanical Science and Engineering

Thomas Bil

Susanne Markert
Medicine Natalia Kibenko

Science comprising the departments:

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology

Luise Rößler

Laura Hinte
School for International Studies Marika Martikainen
Transportation and Traffic Science Maren Schnieder

Details about the support of the tutors, you can find here.