VampirTrace is an open source library that allows detailed logging of program execution for parallel applications using message passing (MPI) and threads (OpenMP), Pthreads). Besides these typical parallelization paradigms, VampirTrace is capable of tracing GPU accelerated applications and generates exact time stamps for all GPU related events.

Additional highlights are I/O event and memory allocation tracing as well as recording of counter metrics like PAPI and external counters. To reduce the burden of the underlying file system VampirTrace supports the I/O Forwarding Scalability Layer (IOFSL), which allows users to write the data of many trace files into one or a few physical files.

VampirTrace provides several variants to instrument the application source code, such as manual, automatic by the compiler, binary (Dyninst) instrumentation and library wrapping.

The log data is written in the Open Trace Format (OTF), which can be analyzed and visualized by the visualization tool Vampir.

VampirTrace has established a wide user base and has become an integral part of Open MPI version 1.3 and higher.


VampirTrace is developed in collaboration with the KOJAK project at JSC/FZ Jülich.

Latest stabile Release

A list of all important changes can be found in the file ChangeLog.

Previous Releases

Older stable releases are still available in the archive.

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