Master Course Hydro Science and Engineering

The Department of Hydrosciences has accomplished the MASTERPROGRAMME HYDRO SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING since fall 2004. The graduate programme focuses on the fields of Water and Natural Resources Management, as well as Engineering. The degree course especially addresses students from developing and transitional countries due to the specific problems in water management occurring there, which are subject to a number of modules.
The participants acquire and expand their professional and methodological qualifications.

The Master Course has been accredited in 2006 and may be awarded with SCHOLARSHIPS. The DAAD is submitting a certain number of scholarships  to the applicants. The German Ministry for Education and Research established an extra programme IPSWaT (International Postgraduate Studies in Water Technologies) where the students may apply as well.

The programme is realised with the participation of the Department of Hydrosciences, the Departments of Forest Sciences and Geosciences, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Dresden Water Center DKW.

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