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Studying at the Institute of Natural Materials Technology

Based on the fundamental knowledge transfer in the first phase of the study curricula, the members of the institute primarily educate prospective engineers in Mechanical engineering, and in Process engineering and Natural materials technology.

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Studying at the institute

The Chairs of Agricultural Systems and Technology, and Processing Machines and Processing Technolgy are primarily involved in the curriculum of Mechanical engineering course, whereas the Chairs of Bioprocess Engineering, Food Engineering, and Wood and Fibre Technology have their focus in the curriculum of the Process engineering and Natrual materials technology course.

Apart from that, all Chairs are involved in other curricula that are offered from other schools and faculties of Technische Universität Dresden. Examples are:

  • Vocational teaching (Faculty of Education)
  • Food chemistry (School of Science)
  • Mechatronics and Regenerative energy systems (Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Imdustrial engineering and management (Faculty of Business and Economics)
  • Master course in Wood technology and wood economics (Faculty of Environmental Science, and Faculty of Civil Engineering)

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Information for students

Further general or specific information can be found on the pages of the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering in the internet forum Bombentrichter.