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Science Creates Bridges

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Science creates bridges

Technische Universität Dresden is an effective partner for local, national and global collaborations in research, teaching and transfer.

In establishing the DRESDEN-concept research alliance, we have built a pioneering framework for close cooperation with extramural research institutions and cultural partners in Dresden. We create synergies in research, teaching, infrastructure and administration with the goal of making our Excellence visible.

TU Dresden contributes its expertise to both national and international scientific networks and refines its academic profile through research clusters, associated institutes and joint professorial appointments with non-university research institutions.

International cooperation in degree programmes, research and transfer is of pivotal importance to TU Dresden as a cosmopolitan and open-minded university. We maintain strategic partnerships with leading universities around the world and actively support the exchange with international students and scientists.  

TU Dresden is fully committed to civic involvement through extensive activities in the transfer of knowledge and technology. Our highly skilled graduates and our wide range of consulting services and partnerships actively contribute to strengthening the economy and help tackle the most pressing social and political challenges of our day. Our collaborations and strategic alliances in the transfer of knowledge and technology span from local SMEs to regional to international business networks and global corporations.

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