Mitarbeiter und Studenten vom ITM © Mirko Krziwon Mitarbeiter und Studenten vom ITM © Mirko Krziwon

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Technical Textiles are ubiquitous, and Germany is the global leader for their production. Engineers working in the textile industries do not design fashionable textiles for clothes brands, but high-tech products with a focus on functionality. Their work is often invisible, but all the more important from a technical perspective. The applications are diverse, ranging from fiber composite materials and medical textiles to textile architecture and membrane constructions. Studying at the ITM will give you the opportunity to become part of this industry as a fledgling engineer. As an ITM student, you will enjoy excellent training and education in an interdisciplinary study environment, with possibilities to specialize in mechanical engineering, material modeling, lightweight construction, measuring and sensor technology, assembly technology, machine development or bio-medical technology.

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Mitarbeiter und Studenten vom ITM © Mirko Krziwon

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