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Foto vom Zeuner-Bau, dem Hauptgebäude der Fakultät Maschinenwesen, ein historisches Gebäude aus dem 19.JH. © Christian Hüller


For more than 180 years, the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering has been providing research and teaching in the service of technology for people. With more than 6,000 students, it is the largest faculty at TU Dresden. The six courses of study: mechanical engineering, process engineering and natural product engineering, materials science, textile and clothing technology, mechatronics and regenerative energy systems combine a total of 25 specialisation areas - from general mechanical engineering to bioprocess engineering, from energy efficiency to applied materials science, from food technology to automotive engineering and from textile lightweight construction to aerospace.

We shape the world – School of Engineering Sciences © Biermann-Jung Kommunikation

We wish all students the very best of luck with their forthcoming examinations!

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