Research areas and chairs

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    1. Inorganic Chemistry
    2. Organic Chemistry
    3. Physical Chemistry
    4. Analytical Chemistry
    5. Macromolecular Chemistry
    6. Food Chemistry
    7. Biochemistry

The faculty of chemistry and food chemistry consists of 23 chairs (including 8 professors jointly appointed with non-university research facilities) in the following research areas:

Inorganic Chemistry

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Chair of Inorganic Chemistry I
Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaskel

Chair of Inorganic Chemistry II
Prof. Dr. Michael Ruck

Chair of Inorganic Molecular Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Jan J. Weigand

Honorary Professorship for Chemistry of Inorganic Materials
Prof. Dr. Claudia Felser

Honorary Professorship for Chemical Metals Science
Prof. Dr. Yuri Grin

Organic Chemistry

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Chair of Organic Chemistry I
Prof. Dr. Peter Metz

Chair of Organic Chemistry II
Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Knölker

Chair of Physical Organic Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Thomas Straßner

Physical Chemistry

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Chair of Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Thomas Heine

Chair of Physical Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Alexander Eychmüller

Chair of Electrochemistry
Prof. Dr. Inez Weidinger

Chair of Physical Chemistry of Polymeric Materials
Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery

Chair of Physical Chemistry / Measurement and Sensor Technology
Prof. Dr. Michael Mertig

Analytical Chemistry

Chair of Bioanalytical Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Eike Brunner

Chair of Radiochemistry/Radioecology
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Stumpf

Macromolecular Chemistry

Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Rainer Jordan

Chair of Molecular Functional Materials
Prof. Dr. Xinliang Feng

Chair of Organic Chemistry of Polymers
Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit

Food Chemistry

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Chair of Food Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Thomas Henle

Chair of Food Science and Food Contact Material
Prof. Dr. Thomas Simat

Chair of Special Food Chemistry and Food Production
Prof. Dr. Karl Speer


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Chair of Technical Biochemistry
Prof. Dr. Tobias Gulder

Chair of Bioinorganic and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry 
Prof. Dr. Jörg Steinbach

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