Reading Seminar on Functional- and Applied Analysis


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In this seminar we examine concepts and methods from functional analysis, partial differential equations and the calculus of variations, and discuss applications, e.g. in materials modelling. The goal of the seminar is to broaden our mathematical horizon and to deepen our understanding by discussions. The seminar is open to everybody who is willing to listen and to speak about topics in the areas mentioned above.  

Schedule 2017

Nov 27th, 2. DS
Reinhard Stahn Quantified Tauberian Theorems and
Applications to Decay of Waves

May 11th, 4.DS

Matthias Geyer Raum-adiabatische Störungstheorie in der Quantenmechanik

January 9th
14:45 pm

Mathias Schäffner Quantitative Homogenisierung in nicht-linearer Elastizität

January 4th
9:20 am
January 11th 9:00 am

Markus Hartlapp Ein quantifizierter Tauberscher Satz (anlehnend an Riesz-Ingham-Karamata)

Schedule 2016

2nd 9:20 am
23rd 9:20 am

Hanne Hardering Discretization error bounds for maps into Riemannian manifolds

October 6th
11:10 am

Laura Lauerbach

(U Würzburg)

About Plasticity as a Mathematical Limit of Viscoelasticity

September 15th

Brigitte Breckner

Die harmonische Fortsetzung und ihre Folgerungen für die Untersuchung von PDE auf dem Sierpinski Fraktal

September 6th

Reinhard Stahn

Optimal energy decay in a 1D viscoelastic boundary damping model for the wave equation

August 8th

August 11th

Lars Perlich Composition Operators
May 19th Ralph Chill Gradient flows in metric spaces

April 21st

April 26th

May 3rd

Mario Varga

Rate independent Systems

March 22nd

March 24th

Reinhard Stahn

The spectrum of the wave equation on the square with constant damping on a strip


Previous Seminars



(2 Sessions)

Mathias Schäffner

Weighted Sobolev inequalities


(3 Sessions)

Helmer Hoppe Weighted Maximal Functions
September 9th Tom ter Elst Sums of sectorial forms


(3 Sessions)

Sebastian Mildner Invarianzkriterien für nichtlineare Halbgruppen, Gradientensysteme


(3 sessions)

Reinhard Stahn Geometrische Optik und Abklingraten für die Wellengleichung


  • Organizers
    Prof. Dr. Ralph Chill
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    Prof. Dr. Stefan Neukamm
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  • Coordination
    Reinhard Stahn
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