Emmy Noether-Nachwuchsgruppe "Precision Monte Carlo event generators and LHC measurements"

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Emmy Noether-Nachwuchsgruppe


Institut für Kern- und Teilchenphysik

Institut für Kern- und Teilchenphysik

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Unsere Gruppe arbeitet an der Schnittstelle zwischen Experiment und Theorie für LHC-Messungen. Dabei beschäftigen wir uns vor allem mit der Berechnung von QCD-Effekten mit Hilfe von Monte Carlo-Simulation, und mit ATLAS-Messungen, die sensitiv auf die Modellierungsaspekte dieser Simulation sind.

Falls Sie schon immer Forschung mit Hilfe des Zufalls tätigen wollten, oder verstehen, warum Messungen und Vorhersagen für LHC-Kollisionen so schwierig aber auch interessant sind, dann melden Sie sich gern — auch im Hinblick auf Stellen für Abschlussarbeiten, Doktoranden oder Postdocs!


  • 08.08.2017
    The Z kT splitting measurement has been published by JHEP. It was designed and realised by members of our group.
  • 01.04.2017
    Heberth has taken over the convenership of the Standard Model Jet and Photon Physics Subgroup in ATLAS. Congratulations for this recognition!
  • 19.03.2017
    We organised a trip to Geneva for 48 students of our Bachelor lecture, who spent 2 days at CERN visiting the CERN control centre, the AMS experiment, the SM18 magnet test hall, ISOLDE, the data centre, and last but not least the CMS detector. Big thanks to our (ex-)IKTP colleagues Stefanie, Marcus and Andree for being our guides at most of these visit points!
  • 01.03.2017
    Four Bachelor students are joining our group for the next months to work on heavy neutrino decay simulations, supersymmetric models, Ds and Λc decays, all within the framework of the Sherpa event generator. Welcome to Katharina Danziger, Jelka Weber, Jan-Eric Nitschke and Sven Schiffner!
  • 01.08.2016
    Heberth Torres will join our group as a new post-doc in 2017 working on ATLAS analyses. We are looking forward to welcoming him and his family here in Dresden!
  • 26.07.2016
    Welcome to Ken Kreul, who is starting as a Bachelor student in our group, working on hadron decays in Sherpa.
  • 01.07.2016
    We say Farewell to Chris, who is taking up his next post-doc position at UCL. Thanks for joining us for the last almost two years!
  • 14.03.2016
    We have six new students in the group, who are going to be working for their Bachelor thesis on iterative unfolding methods for non-perturbative corrections as well as the hadron decay simulation in Sherpa. Welcome to David Tucholski, Hans Hoffmann, Jakob Beyer, Kien Dang Tran, Marius Walther and Paul Moder!
  • 01.11.2015
    Chris will now be based at CERN for the next year, and Johannes Krause is starting as a PhD student in Dresden. Farewell and Welcome!
  • 12.10.2015
    The winter term is starting and we'll be reading the Introduction to Particle and Nuclear Physics for Bachelor students.
  • 23.04.2015
    A PhD position was advertised for data analysis in the ATLAS experiment. Deadline (extended): June 10!
  • 26.11.2014
    Congratulations to Dr. Christian Gütschow on his successful doctoral viva, and Welcome in Dresden!
  • 26.09.2014
    We are preparing for the CERN birthday party here in Dresden in the week October 6-12! A full week of events and celebration around 60 years of CERN is planned, including a visit by the Director General of CERN, Rolf Heuer; a large exhibition about the LHC machine; and an evening lecture by Frank Siegert. See you there...
  • 11.08.2014
    The postdoc position has been filled, Christian Gütschow from UCL will join us in November 2014!
  • 20.06.2014
    The first postdoc position has been advertised
  • 14.05.2014
    The funding of the group has been approved by the DFG

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