Communities in New Media [GeNeMe]

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The conference communities in New Media (GeNeMe) presents innovative technologies and processes for the organization, cooperation and communication in virtual communities and is a forum for professional exchange especially in the fields of knowledge management and online learning. The conference does focus is not only technological or economic aspects of the use of new media, but also sociological, psychological, economic, didactic and legal aspects. GeNeMe is aimed at experts from research and industry and in order to negotiate practical and scholarly insights among participants from various disciplines, organizations and institutions from research, business and administration.

18. - 20. October 2017 at TU Dresden

The conference is chaired by a group of scientists from the faculties of education and economics as well as the media center of the Dresden University of Technology, with the kind support of the Silicon Saxony Network. As partner universities, the Hochschule Meißen (FH) und Fortbildungszentrumthe HGU Bad Hersfeld, the HTW Dresden and the University of Applied Sciences Dresden participate in the design of the 20th GeNeMe 2017. The international Steering Committee guarantees the assessment of the submissions.

Thematic Focus

The currently discussed digital transformation processes (Industry 4.0, IoT) characterize GeNeMe 2017. The focus is on innovation and research, methods and tools for the digital mapping of knowledge-intensive cooperation in increasingly heterogeneous communities (augmented knowledge communities). Further impulses are coming from the fields of knowledge visualization and knowledge-based architecture. In addition to the informal and media-technological analyses, the practice of (organizational) knowledge integration, whether through knowledge management, learning or education processes, is also considered.


17.07.2017 Deadline for submission of contributions

15.08.2017 Notification of authors

24.09.2017 Early Bird Deadline

18.09.2017 Deadline for the submission of accepted contributions

18.10.2017 Opening event of the GeNeMe in Stadtmuseum

Call for Papers

Thematic focus for the 20th GeNeMe is stronger than before in the field of digital, software-based tools for knowledge-based (collaborative) work. Innovation and research will also be considered as fields of activity. Further impulses are coming from the fields of knowledge visualization and knowledge-based architecture. In addition to computational and media technological analyses, we will also pay attention to the practice of (organizational) knowledge integration, whether through information management, learning or education processes.

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The GeNeMe Program Committee is composed of representatives from science and industry.

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We invite you to become a partner of GeNeMe. There are many possibilities for direct and indirect support. If you have interesting contributions for the conference or for the accompanying conference proceedings, we offer you the cooperation and presentation platform for your ideas.

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