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    1. ZIH Login
    2. Email and calendar
    3. Home directory
    4. Login Servers
    5. Eduroam (WiFi)
    6. VPN
    7. Software
    8. Printing
    9. Manuals
    10. Computer labs
    11. further services

ZIH Login

Your immatriculation papers contain your ZIH login name and first password on the sheet titled "Studienbuchblatt". Please note that you have to change your password in the Identity Management System (IDM) before you can use the ZIH services.

Your ZIH login offers you access to various web portals, among others:

Further information about your login is available on User information for students. Organisational and legal information about the login is available at "Merkblatt zur Nutzung von IT-Ressourcen" (currently only in German).

Email and calendar

Your email address is mentioned on the "Studienbuchblatt" and in the IDM. Students starting in or after the 2014/2015 winter semester can access their mailbox via  Outlook Web App (OWA), students who received their login before can use or contact the Service Desk to receive an Exchange mailbox.

You can also use the following settings to use a different email client:

  • Supported protocols:
  • IMAP (Receiving), Port: 993 (SSL/TLS)
  • SMTP (Sending), Port: 587 (STARTTLS)
  • Server: (pre-2014:
  • Login using ZIH Login and password
  • Authentification: NTLM (Outlook 2010: SPA; pre-2014: Normal Password)

We recommend using Microsoft Outlook to access all Exchange features, available for free with CampusSachsen.

Additionally, it's possible to configure an email forwarding service to your private email address.

More information about email and calendars is available at e-mail information site.

Home directory

We offer disk space to store files or websites which is backed up regularly. You can connect to your home directory through our login servers or mount them as network storage using the address \\\zih-login (replace zih-login with your login name).

Login Servers

You can connect to our Unix servers at the addresses


using SSH. More information about the login servers including their finger prints is available on the Login Server page.

Eduroam (WiFi)

Most buildings on the TU Dresden campus offer the "eduroam" WiFi network. You can connect to it using your login name and your password. Eduroam is also available at many other universities in Germany and worldwide. More information about WiFi at TU Dresden is available at network information page.


To use all services from home, you need a secure connection to the campus network. This is possible using a VPN connection. With a VPN connection, you can for example access the SLUB catalog databases from home.


Because of a special state-wide contract, the ZIH is able to offer the Microsoft Office suite for free. Information about usage, registration and activation is available at More information about student software licenses is available at software information page and student software licenses.


An external contractor provides printers on campus which you can use via WiFi or from the computer labs. Those devices also allow you to copy documents or send scans to your mailbox.


We offer printed manuals in German for standard software in cooperation with the RRZN Hannover. A list is available at Handbücher des RRZN Hannover.

Computer labs

The ZIH offers a public computer lab in Willers-Bau (WIL A119) and another lab in the Computer Science building. Both locations also offer WiFi desks. A complete list of computer labs is available at PC Pools.

WIL Mon-Fri 07:30 – 19:00
  Sat 12:00 – 16:00
APB Mon-Fri 07:30 – 21:30
  Sat 10:00 – 17:30

further services

Additionally, the ZIH offers:

Further information is available at the ZIH Homepage or in the alphabetical list.

Our Service Desk can be contacted at or +49 351 463 40000 if you have any further questions.

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