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TUD-SYLBER: Synergetic Teacher Training in the Context of the Excellence Initiative

The project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aims to improve the quality of teacher training at the TU Dresden. All this is part of a quality improvement plan calling for institutional and content-related changes on both a federal and state level (Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung des Bundes und der Länder). The project’s main objective is to create better means of communication between everyone involved in teacher training – both within various faculties of the TU Dresden and beyond the university’s facilities. Thus, improvement can be brought about as people get connected more easily while working on new ideas in the field of teacher training.
TUD-Sylber brings together experts of six different faculties and the Centre for Teacher Education and Educational Research. Working together, these experts take a closer look at the institutional structure of teacher training at the TU Dresden and other contents and methods which are used to train teachers at university. As a result, several aspects of teacher training may be improved and promoted, such as the quality of student counselling, course organisation in general, and the idea that teacher training should have a strong emphasis on practical skill development and research. TUD-Sylber’s main emphasis lies on three aspects that are all inextricably linked with each other: the improvement of organisational development, quality improvement, and regional networking.

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