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Institute of Process Engineering and Environmental Technology

Six chairs and workgroups belong to the Institute of Process Engineering and Environmental Technology.

Chemical Process and Systems Engineering:
Experimental and theoretical study of multi-phase reactors, modelling, simulation and optimal operational management of trickle-bed reactors.

Energy Process Technology:
Reduction of the primary energy input, reduction of emissions, closing of materials cycles, rational use of energy – particularly in processes of energy technology, chemistry, environmental technology and the raw materials industry.

Mechanical Process Engineering:
Characterisation of disperse sets of compounds, particularly of those with a high percentage of particles. Application and further development of the ultrasound spectroscopy; processes for the separation of the smallest particles (< 1µm) from fluids and gases; examination of bonding mechanisms between particles as well as between particles and surfaces, material separation by membranes.

Process Systems Engineering:
Analysis and synthesis of complex systems of elementary functional process units; modelling, simulation and optimisation of coupling structures and processing strategies with regard to safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Thermal Process Engineering and Environmental Technology:
Thermal treatment of natural products, e.g. discolouration during steaming of wood or cleaning of steam condensate; gentle drying, e.g. loss of aroma or crack formation during drying process; microwave vacuum drying; biological stabilisation of waste; fermentation and biogas production from biogenic waste; gas purification, e.g. carbon dioxide made from flue gas or hydrogen sulphide made from biogas; disinfection in the ultrasonic bath.

Transport Processes at Interfaces:

Joint vocation with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf;

Experimental and numerical study of multi-scale transport processes and hydrodynamic instabilities at solid, liquid and gaseous interfaces using external field gradients; focus on bubble or particle laden flows (flotation) und small-scale flows in engineering processes.



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