27.05.2019; Workshop

Introduction to Research Data Management

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09:00 - 13:00 Uhr
Graduate Academy
Mommsenstraße 7
01069 Dresden

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Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn
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Dr. Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn

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Zentrum für Informationsdienste und Hochleistungsrechnen (ZIH)

Zentrum für Informationsdienste und Hochleistungsrechnen (ZIH)

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Introduction to Research Data Management

Data are an essential part of almost any research and thus are of inestimable value to every scientist. No matter if its a small sample or „Big Data“ - they need to be deliberately and systematically handled. In the context of good scientific practice research data management is a requirement both for reproducibility of scientific research and for data reuse.

In this training course we want to give an overview on the management of research data throughout the data life cycle and how it can be supported by tools and services of TU Dresden. Topics include data management planning, the description of data with metadata, personal and collaborative data management, archiving and the publication of research data.

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