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Offices Director of the International Office 
  Studying at the TU Dresden
  Studying abroad
  Academic Exchange
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Staff A-Z

Name Offices Tel.: +49 351/463-   Email  room
Albrecht, Anja Service desk for international students 35786 Email BSS 671
Chesneau, Bernhard Academic Exchange 34675 Email BSS 656
Deutsch-Gorski, Ina Admission and support of international students 42366 Email BSS 657
Diecke, Monika Admission and support of international students 32327 Email BSS 665
Ehrentreich, Katja Scholarship programme CsF Alemanha 37803 Email BSS 643
Fimmel, Silke Boston Office 33329 Email HSZ 206/207
Helemann, Marion Director of the International Office 35358 Email BSS 645
Hesse, Cornelia Scholarship programmes (Incoming students) 36330 Email BSS 641
Hillert, Peggy Finances 37038 Email BSS 650
Krause, Dagmar ERASMUS-Coordinator, consultancy service for studying abroad 34698 Email BSS 651
Kruse, Kerstin Erasmus Mundus Action 2 scholarships,
Admission and support for international students
33398 Email BSS 658
Lindner, Maike Welcome Center, Counseling service for international scientists 42661 Email NÜR
ground floor
Paternoster, Julia International Marketing and Visitor Service,
Coordination of group visits
37806 Email BSS 652
Pretzsch, Susann Coordinator Tutor network for international students, PROMOS 32069 Email BSS 662
Quast, Margarete Admission and support of international students
Students' mobility (Non-EU)
36065 Email BSS 660
Reichert, Claudia Coordinator Welcome Center for international scientists 42660 Email NÜR
ground floor
Rimmele, Markus Admission and support for international students 36061 Email BSS 667
Rios, Francisco Tutor for scholarship holders of the DAAD programmes Chile, Mexico, Columbia 33346 Email BSS 641
Sänger, Kerstin Secretary International Office 35358 Email BSS 648
Satlow, Veronika Applications of international students for the Faculty of Medicine +49 351 458-2967 Email FIE 010
Schulze, Bärbel Project staff "TUDo",
Admission and support of international students
32070 Email BSS 641
Unger, Kerstin Erasmus Programme, administration of students' mobility 32111 Email BSS 654
Dr. Verburg, Maria Magdalena Infocenter, consultancy service and information for studying abroad 33048 Email BSS 669

BSS...Bürogebäude Strehlener Straße 22
FIE...Fiedlerstraße 27
HSZ...Hörsaalzentrum, Bergstraße 64
NÜR...Nürnberger Straße 31a



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