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What are research data? In the course of the scientific process, a large number of data are generated. These research data can be obtained by both qualitative and quantitative research, e.g. through interviews, surveys, experiments or observations and in analogue or digital form as text documents, tables, logbooks, surveys, audio and video recordings, samples, collections, database contents or protocols.

Research data form the basis for the traceability of one's own research in the sense of good scientific practice. In addition, the data obtained are also of interest for possible reuse. On the one hand, new insights can be gained, on the other hand, the recognition of the scientific work increases when it is reused. The variety of formats and types, however, makes the standardized handling of research data difficult and requires individual solutions and advice on research data management.

With our service we would like to support you in managing your research data.

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Can we also live without research data management? This video of the NYU Health Sciences Library shows in a hilarious way what happens if you want to take advantage of data from a project where no research data management was carried out. © CC-BY, https://www.youtube.com/user/nyuhsl