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Research Services for Projects Funded by National Sources

The amount of acquired third-party funding from federal and state resources has continually increased over the past two decades. Now TU Dresden is one of the German Universities exhibiting the highest level of third-party funded research. It is our intent to pursue this positive trend also in future and to expedite the science location of Dresden in an international competitive environment.

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Research Promotion

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Research Projects Funded by National and State Resources

The services address those scientists of TU Dresden, having successfully finalized the initial project phase – from developing the project idea to the elaboration of a precise project application. The following step is to submit a project application or to stipulate contractual details. Please allow your contact persons to support you in organizational and especially contractual topics like

Please note that contracts with external parties will only be valid with the legally binding signature of TU Dresden. This legally binding signature can be granted in Unit 5.1. Furthermore, for each research project a separate project number (PSP-Element) is created for the TU Dresden internal controlling system.

To keep the administrative effort low, TU Dresden provides a range of contract templates to its scientists. These contract templates are continually updated in accordance with current legal requirements. Specific project constellations or demands of the project partners can require deviations from the templates. Please consult your contact person in time to harmonize those individual contractual issues.

Our common goal it is to eliminate all possible obstacles from the proposal of a research project until the actual start of the project and to accomplish an optimum of legal contractual provisions for you and the TU Dresden.

In case your organisational unit of TU Dresden requires more help than “just” consultation and advice during the preparation phase for a publicly funded research project we might be able to grant such by means of the research pool.