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SS 2018

Prof. Dr. Stefan Horlacher: Migration, Identity and Masculinity in Black British Literature, Seminar, dienstags 3. DS, W48/001/U

Over the past two or three years, migration has become one of the most hotly debated topics in Germany. Simultaneously, the sexually motivated attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2016 have brought the notion of (migrant) masculinities to the fore of public debates. What seems to be a new phenomenon for Germany – large scale migration/immigration – is a phenomenon the consequences of which have been negotiated in Black British Literature for decades, so that a study of these novels offers particularly revealing insights into the mechanisms of contemporary renegotiations of identities.
“Black British Literature” has been defined as written by authors “who themselves inhabit a space marked by (in)betweenness which (...) is not merely an expression of their ‘postcolonial’ origins but rather indicative of their willingness to cross borders.” (Egerer) If recent publications, bookshop events and academic conferences testify to the fact that Black British Literature has definitely become established as an exciting research area, it is nevertheless an emergent field of research in which a clear-cut methodology and theory have yet to evolve.
The reading-list for this seminar will comprise Diran Adebayo’s seminal Some Kind of Black (1996), one of the first award-winning novels to articulate a British-born African perspective, Jackie Kay’s extraordinary first novel Trumpet (1998), which combines the topics of jazz, transgender, grief and skin colour, and Hanif Kureishi’s The Black Album (1995), which deals with the burning of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses and the battle between liberalism and fundamentalism in the London of 1989.
A comprehensive bibliography will be provided at the beginning of the term.

Please buy:

  • Adebayo, Diran (1996/2004). Some Kind of Black. London: Abacus. [ISBN 978-0349108728].
  • Kay, Jackie (1998/2011). Trumpet. London: Picador. [ISBN ISBN 978-0330511823].
  • Kureishi, Hanif (1996/2017). The Black Album. 1996. London: Faber and Faber. [ISBN 978-0571328987].

Please register for this class on OPAL starting April 6, 2018, 11:00 a.m.

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Horlacher: Gender Studies and Literature II: Deconstructive Feminism, Masculinity Studies, Intersex and Transgender Studies, Vorlesung + Arbeitskreis, mittwochs 4. DS, JAN/27/H

This lecture does not only discuss the interrelation between literature and ‘Geschlechterforschung’, but it also aims at familiarising students with up-to-date research in the field of Gender Studies, such as Deconstructive Feminism, Masculinity Studies and Intersex and Transgender Studies. We will take into account cutting-edge sociological, medical, psychoanalytical, deconstructive/performative and other approaches and ask how gender identity is best understood when old binaries and patriarchal structures are being questioned and revealed to be cultural constructs. For those who have not worked in the field of Gender Studies before, there will be a short introduction to basics as well as a short diachronic survey of how the academic field of Gender Studies as well as gender relations have developed. Towards the end of the seminar we will apply our knowledge to Jackie Kay’s ground-breaking novel Trumpet (1998).
Please note that students are not required to have any prior knowledge in the field of Gender Studies.

An extensive bibliography will be provided via OPAL.

Please buy:
Kay, Jackie (1998/2011). Trumpet. London: Picador. [ISBN 978-0330511823]

This lecture is accompanied by an Arbeitskreis (AK/SAG) for students in the M.Ed. and in the old M.A. programme: Schwerpunktmodul Literaturwissenschaft (5 KP).

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Prof. Dr. Gudrun Loster-Schneider / Prof. Dr. Susanne Schötz: Gender³ fundamentale: Meistertexte der Geschlechtertheorie in dia- und synchroner Perspektive (Blockveranstaltung)

Die Veranstaltung setzt sich aus vier Blöcken zusammen:

  • Mittwoch, 18.04.2018, 4. DS (13:00–14:30 Uhr): Organisatorische Einführung --> Raum WEB/235 (Stand: 09.04.2018)
  • 16./17.05.2018  (Mittwoch und Donnerstag, insgesamt 3 Doppelstunden)
  • 06.06.2018 (Mittwoch, Dies Academicus, 1 eine Doppelstunde)
  • 22./23.06.2018  Blockveranstaltung (Freitag u. Samstag, insgesamt 10 Doppelstunden) 


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Gender³ revisited: Gender in Transition

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