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Research at the pulse of time

Research in didactics is located inbetween educational and subject-oriented research. Research in the field of Didactics of Civic/Social Science Education deals with the question, how people can gain knowledge in politics and society. As opposed to what many people think, developing or evaluating teaching methods is not exclusively - not even mainly - what didactics is concerned with. Instead, it is more about conditions that have to be fulfilled in order for the individual to be able to expose himself to political issues.
Questions we are currently dealing with are for example:
Do different target groups have different ways of approximating political issues? How can we achieve opportunities for everybody to engage in debates and conversations while living in a society characterized by heterogeneity and diversity? Which impact do popular media programs such as TV series (House of Cards, TWD, Homeland) have on our political views and ideas? How do we deal with right-wing movements in Civic/Social Science Education? and more

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