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Timetable Winter Semester 2018/19

Language Courses (module: CMS-SKL) are offered by TUDIAS. Please select and register for the courses language_courses.pdf during the Welcome Session on 5 October. The course schedules are published on the TUDIAS web page

Students can also register online online_registration.pdf for the language courses later. The ZIH login data is needed for registration.

Course Catalogue

Course Catalogue CMS Track CE

Course Catalogue CMS Track CLS

Course Catalogue CMS Track CMA

Course Catalogue CMS Track VC

Example Studies

An exampleof your personal CMS course schedule combining the different modules can be found here:

Example study paths for track “Computational Life Science”

Example study paths for track “Computational Modeling in Energy Economics”.pdf

Example study paths for track “Visual Computing”

Example study paths for track “Computational Engineering”


For adminstration of examinations and courses the new online course management system selma is used.

Notes and instructions

  • Registration to modules, courses and exams are just possible, if you are enrolled in the study program “Computational Modeling and Simulation”
  • Before register to an exam it is necessary to register to the corresponding module and courses.
  • (-De-)Registration of modules, courses and exams must be done within the registration period
  • .Registering for modules and courses
  • Registration period for exams 10. - 25.01.2019 
  • Registering for exams

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