Information about the Lottery&Clearing procedure

Open Admission degree programmes

For open admission degree programmes (without NC) no lottery procedure is used. If no separate deadlines for academic aptitude tests apply, applications can be submitted within the regular application deadlines.

Limited Admission (NC) undergraduate degree programmes

For limited admission (NC) courses which lead to a primary university degree, vacant places are assigned using a succession or a “Lottery&Clearing” procedure. This site informs you, how and when you are able to sign up for the “Lottery&Clearing” procedure after the expiration of the last regular assignment procedure (please consult the lower section of this page!).

Nationwide Limited Admission (NC) degree programmes

For the nationwide NC-degree programmes “Medicine” and “Dental Medicine” it is only after the last succession procedure (from 25th October) that it is determined, whether there are places available for the “Lottery&Clearing” procedure.  Everyone who holds the necessary study qualifications can participate in the “Lottery&Clearing” procedure, even if they have not previously applied for this degree programme.  However, in recent year no “Lottery&Clearing” procedure took place due to the already exhausted capacities.

General requirements

In all cases, applicants need to possess a valid German university entrance qualification or a German certificate about the recognition of a foreign university entrance qualification (confirmation of the recognition office or a previous application via uniassist must be presented).  Additionally, applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification must prove the  required German language skills. For further requirements relating to the degree programme please consult the programme’s page on the  Study Information System of TU Dresden.

NC-Degree Programmes, where “Lottery&Clearing” procedure is currently used

Currently no such procedures are conducted.