HAEC: Highly Adaptive Energy-Efficient Computing

The mission of the collaborative research center “Highly Adaptive Energy-Efficient Computing” (HAEC) is to enable high energy-efficiency in today’s computing systems without compromising on high performance. The research center covers the circuit level, network level of optical and wireless communication, as well as the software that is needed to operate an adaptive energy-efficient computing platform. The role of the project A04 “Analysis of Applications on a High Performance – Low Energy Computer” is to support the connection between the hardware (group A) and software (group B) projects by providing a simulation infrastructure to allow for simulation-based prediction of performance and energy-efficiency of parallel applications on future parallel computing systems. Furthermore, high quality energy measurements are provided by A04 to other projects in the collaborative research center, while derived energy models will be utilized in the simulation. The simulation infrastructure (HAEC-SIM) developed within HAEC is available for download and described on a separate page: the HACE simulator.

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  • 07/2011-06/2015 (Phase I)
  • 07/2015-06/2019 (Phase II)



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