Subject-specific GIS Applications and Case Studies


Any major project demands for avoidance of time-consuming interactive data testing, analysing and transformation. In most cases interactive work flows can be formalised and automated. Customised development using existing APIs of GIS software can boost innovative solutions, quality and speed. Consequently, the module:

  • exemplifies a need for automation in various geo-applications like, for instance, consistency checks, route and
  • time demand calculation, segmentation, treatment of incomplete data, processing of dynamic phenomena;
  • demonstrates concepts of automation;
  • provides solutions for selected spatial problems, for which no built-in software solution exists;
  • introduces types and organisation forms of programme libraries delivered with GIS software;
  • offers and discusses sample codes and methods;
  • guides individual developments.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the module students are able to…

  • remember exemplary use cases of automated geo-processing;
  • understand the necessity of automation in the work with geo-data;
  • analyse spatial problems in order to find an appropriate modularisation;
  • understand provided algorithms and code samples of lower complexity;
  • design small customised software solutions;
  • develop their own codes.

Responsible persons

Lecture, Exercise & Project work

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