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Molecular Analysis / Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Facility provides consultation, support and services for bioanalytical mass spectrometry.
The focus of our work is on Quantitative Proteomics and Protein/Peptide analysis and comprises identification and quantification of proteins, analysis of protein post-transcriptional modifications.
Moreover, we use mass spectrometry for biological assays, e.g. protein kinase activity, and address the analysis and structural characterization of other biomolecules.

We also provide access to different tools for biological assays and sample preparation devices, e.g. cell lysis and disruption of cells and tissues.

Please get in touch with us prior to preparing samples for mass spectrometry or if you have any questions on the analysis of biomolecules.

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Instrumentation of the Mass Spectrometry facility are not available through the booking system.

Please get in touch with us by email.

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Head of Facility


Dr. Marc Gentzel