Service Catalogue

Single-Sign-On (Shibboleth)

Tags: Authentication, B2B, B2C, Identity Management (IDM), Login

Single-Sign-On based on Shibboleth.

ZIH Login

Tags: Authentication, B2B, B2C, Login

The ZIH operates the central identity management of the TU Dresden. The user receives a ZIH user login, which is mandatory for almost all other services offered by the ZIH.


Tags: B2B, B2C, Access Campusnet

VPN technology is used to establish a (virtual) connection to the (private) data network of the TU Dresden for an external user (e.g. Internet access via DSL) via the Internet. After appropriate authentication, this user is then part of the TU Dresden data network from a technical point of view and can therefore also use the TU Dresden services.

Directory Service (Active Directory/LDAP)

Tags: Authentication, B2B, Identity Management (IDM)

The ZIH offers a connection to the centrally provided directory services Active Directory and LDAP. The service makes it possible to access the data of the central directory services (account, password, group memberships, extended attributes) in facilities.

OpenLDAP Service

Tags: Authentication, B2B, Identity Management (IDM)

The connection to the central IDM-LDAP server farm provides the technical possibility to obtain all IDM data via LDAP/LDAPS protocol. These data are mainly designed for UNIX-like systems.

SLUB Room booking system

Tags: Authentication, Information, Time Services

The SLUB room booking system allows various group study rooms to be reserved online.

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