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Digitalization at TU Dresden

Digitalization and the development of digital governance under the leadership of the Chief Officer Digitalization and Information (CDIO) are multifaceted, key aspects of TU Dresden’s Excellence Strategy. These aspects play an instrumental role in supporting our students on their path at university, from enrollment to all aspects of their studies to alumni contact. They also have an impact on research. Research data management, data science and reproducible science are commonly used terms nowadays. Digitalization is also indispensable for administration, communication and work culture. It requires common guidelines, strategies and well-coordinated implementation.

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Photo: Students on a staircase in the foyer of the Andreas-Pfitzmann Bau with the sculpture "Bubbles" visible below. © Crispin-Iven Mokry
IT Regulations

The regulations for IT equipment and services as well as TU Dresden’s information security (IT Regulations) were adopted by the University Executive Board of TU Dresden on February 18, 2021.


Office of the Chief Officer Digitalisation and Information Management