The Schools and Faculties of TU Dresden

More autonomy, synergies, interdisciplinarity, strategic and operative scope: Guided by this vision TUD’s Faculties are on their way to organize themselves under the roofs of 5 Schools. Governed by the principle of subsidiarity, academic plurality shall be ensured and, simultaneously, the synergetic advantages in research, education, administration and infrastructure shall be supported. The restructuring of the 14 Faculties into 5 Schools implies fundamental changes for the University. In order to organize this in an optimal way, a defined transition process comprising 3 phases is envisaged: In May 2012 the Schools were established to bracket the respective Faculties. During the following transition (phase 2), the autonomy of the Faculties will be retained while they adjust their procedures gradually to the future School structure starting with implementing a School administration unit. The third phase of structural changes will start after a positive evaluation of phase 2 and shall be considered to transfer the remaining responsibilities of the Faculties to the School level.

School of Science

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Engineering Sciences

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

School of Medicine

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