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Central management of PC workstations / PC pools

Tags: Workplace, B2B, PC-Pool

The ZIH provides its operating model for the central PC pools and its employee network also for the operation of decentralized PC pools or domains. The environment uses the ZIH login and can be operated as an employee domain (with a personal user profile) and/or a PC pool domain (using an unchangeable pool user profile).

Central IP address management

Tags: B2B, Datanet/Internet

The ZIH provides subnets for faculties, institutes and institutions from the public and private IP networks it administers.

DNS Service

Tags: B2B, B2C, Datanet/Internet

Name resolution for the Domain Name System (DNS)

Tags: Management Application, Reseach Tool

Application to Register Access to TU Dresden Buildings

Tags: Management Application

Application to Register Access to TU Dresden Buildings

Newsletter Tool

Tags: E-Mail, Web

Based on the software service of the professional e-mail marketing provider "Clever Elements", the Web and Video department provides a central newsletter tool for the TU Dresden. With this tool, you can send CD-compliant and data protection-compliant newsletters to your subscribers via specially certified e-mail servers ("CSA Whitelisting").

Journal editorial system Qucosa.Journals

Tags: Reseach Tool, Collaboration, Veröffentlichen

Researchers at TU Dresden are offered access to the open editorial system Open Journal Systems (OJS), which maps the editorial process of producing quality-assured OA journals. Under the label Qucosa.Journals, researchers can manage and publish their own OA journals on this technical basis.

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