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HPC login

Tags: B2B, B2C, High Performance computing (HPC)

User account for HPC resources

HPC project application

Tags: High Performance computing (HPC)

Usage prerequisite for high-performance computing

HPC intermediate archive

Tags: Archive, B2B, B2C, Backup, High Performance computing (HPC), Storage

Archive data from HPC projects

HPC job monitoring

Tags: B2B, B2C, High Performance computing (HPC)

Analyse computing jobs on HPC resources

HPC project management

Tags: B2B, B2C, High Performance computing (HPC)

HPC projects portal

Enterprise cloud

Tags: B2B, B2C, Virtual Server (VM)

High-availability virtual machines with the ability to be accessed via the Internet

ZIH login

Tags: Authentication, B2B, B2C, Login

User account


Tags: B2B, B2C, Telephony

Fixed-line telephony and mobile communications

Video / telephone conferences

Tags: B2B, B2C, Collaboration

Conducting virtual meetings with BigBlueButton, Zoom, DFNconf

Location: > > Dresden > WIL Willers-Bau Haus A , Zellescher Weg 12 - 14


Tags: B2B, B2C, Backup, Storage

Data saving on personal computers and servers


Tags: B2B, B2C, E-Mail, Collaboration

Communicating with e-mails

Mailing lists

Tags: B2B, B2C, E-Mail

Mailing lists or distribution groups for TU internal and external mail addresses