Re-registration for the semester

Information about the re-registration for the semester:

What are the re-registration periods and what are the current semester fees to be paid?

Re-registration periods (= payment periods)

for the summer semester: 15th January to 5th March
for the winter semester:      1st July to 5th September

Currently valid semester fee for the 2016/17 winter semester

1. For students in attendance studies (direct studies),
i.e. all attendance, doctoral or graduate students as well as all students in further education attendance studies, including in extra-occupational form, pay:

257.90 EUR

(breakdown: = 77.50 EUR Student Union fee + 180.40 EUR student body fee: of which 4.60 EUR for student council/student representation and 175.80 EUR for the semester ticket)

2. For students in correspondence courses

182.10 EUR

(breakdown: 77.50 EUR Student Union fee + 4.60 EUR for student council/student representation + 100.00 EUR correspondence course fee)

If a semester ticket is desired, it is first necessary to submit a form for distance-learning students to apply for the semester ticket.

3. Students at the Zittau International Institute (IHI)

78.70 EUR

IHI students please specify the following number in the Verwendungszweck (reference field) field on the Überweisungsbeleg (transfer voucher):   7097.0211.5150 plus the matriculation number!

(breakdown: 74.10 EUR Student Union fee + 4.60 EUR for student council/student representation)
When paying for the semester ticket  (175,80 EUR), the total amount is 254.50 EUR.

What do we mean by re-registering for the semester?

As laid down in  § 11 Matriculation Regulations (ImmaO) of the TU Dresden, every student has to re-register for each semester in due time and form to continue his study. In the event that a student does not comply with this obligation, his registration is cancelled in accordance with § 13 ImmaO.

Re-registration is the timely payment of the semester fee as well as the study fee (as appropriate) due. The basis for the semester fee is provided by the Fee Regulations of the Dresden Student Union and the Student Council of the TU Dresden as well as the University Fees Ordinance. As the fee regulations are subject to constant change, the contribution currently payable is always announced only at the beginning of the re-registration period in question.

Upon receipt of the fee, your Semesterbogen (semester documents), including student ID and immatriculation certificate, for the coming semester will be printed out and sent to your current postal address registered in the Student Portal under [My Data]. Please ensure that your postal address stored there is always up-to-date.

Is it possible to receive leave of absence as an alternative to re-registration?

Provided that you can present and substantiate a pertinent reason for leave of absence in accordance with § 12 ImmaO, you can submit an application for leave of absence instead of initiating the re-registration by payment of the fee. Please note that in the event of leave of absence, a lower semester fee may be payable. More information on the application form as well as the conditions for authorisation is available here.

Do I have to re-register if I end my study course before the beginning of the new semester?

If you end your study before the beginning of a new semester by sitting the final examination or by handing in your Bachelor thesis (still in the course of the current semester), and do not intend to study afterwards at the TU Dresden, then you do not have to re-register by paying the semester fee. You can exmatriculate (de-register) up to the end of the semester by submitting an exmatriculation application, or alternatively, wait until you receive notification of your ex officio exmatriculation from the university.

If, however, you still have to complete the last part of your final examination (defending your thesis, etc.) at the beginning of the new semester, it is recommended that you re-register again for the new semester, because the accident insurance for students is only effective if verification of enrolment at the time of the final examinations is forthcoming. Where appropriate, the examination regulations regulate that enrolment is a requirement for sitting the final examination. As a matter of information, the Student Council will proportionally reimburse the fee for the semester ticket if the exmatriculation ensues during the semester.  Application forms are available from the Student Council.

How do Nebenhörer have to re-register for the semester?

If you are immatriculated at the TU Dresden as a Nebenhörer, you do not have to pay any semester fee but instead initiate an application for re-registration as a visiting student for the coming semester in the new Student Portal via the [Applications] menu item. Then you have to print out the Meldebogen (notification sheet) for Nebenhörer from the Student Portal and submit it, together with the current immatriculation certificate of the university where you are registered as a primary student, to the Immatriculation Office or International Academic Office.


What bank account is applicable for the payment?

  • Recipient:                 TU Dresden
  • Credit institute:         Commerzbank Dresden
  • IBAN:                          DE25 8504 0000 0800 4004 01
  • BIC:                             COBADEFF850
  • Reference:                (matriculation number), Name of student

You can also view the details of the fee amount due and the current bank account in the Student Portal under [My data] and [Due payments].

When will I receive the new semester documents (with student ID and immatriculation certificate)?

For the winter semester, the semester documents are sent out starting in the middle/end of July; for the summer semester in the middle of February. Please note that the re-registration is deemed to be completed when the semester fee has been booked to the account. A period of 2 to 7 days may elapse until the payment is booked to the TUD account – starting from the day of initiating the payment. Please note that the semester documents will not be sent – despite correct receipt of payment, if other reasons preventing the re-registration exist. These can include the following:

  • You have changed your health insurer and the new medical insurance certificate has not yet been received by the Immatriculation Office / International Academic Office.
  • You have not complied with your obligations towards your health insurer (e.g. regular payment of contributions).
  • You have been re-registered for a temporary period subject to conditions and have not yet presented certain documents or verifications required (e.g. Bachelor certificate).
  • Although you have paid the reduced fee for a semester on leave, you have not, however, submitted an application for leave of absence.

During the main re-registration period, the Immatriculation Office requires about 2 weeks to print out and send off the semester documents. In this period, you are requested to refrain from making enquiries into the status of the delivery of the semester documents, since as a general rule the delivery will not ensue more quickly. In the event that – in spite of timely payment – the semester documents have still not been received after about 3 weeks, then it is recommended that you send an enquiry in this regard by email to our ServiceCentrumStudium.

In any case, the semester documents will be sent by post. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the Immatriculation Office / International Academic Office know his current postal address before he initiates the re-registration payment. A change of address can be notified via the Student Portal via the [My data] and [Change of address] by the student concerned. Please note that the semester documents will be dispatched via Post Modern. In these cases, redirection orders submitted to Deutsche Post often do not have the desired effect.

For organisational reasons, collecting the new semester documents in person is not possible.

What effect does a delayed re-registration have?

If you have not properly re-registered (or applied for leave of absence) before the deadline for re-registration, then you will be ex officio exmatriculated (de-registered) by the TU Dresden in accordance with § 13 Section 3 Clause 2 Matriculation Regulations. You will be notified of the exmatriculation in writing at your postal address.  The exmatriculation notification includes a legal remedy, which entitles you to lodge an objection in writing within a period of one month if you had pertinent reasons for the delayed re-registration.

Please note that in such cases, no further reminder – apart from a circular to the TUD email address of the students – will be sent.

Does a change of health insurer have any effects on the re-registration?

If you or family members, who are included in the insurance, change your health insurer, you have to send a new health insurance certificate (in triplicate – as a rule) without delay to the Immatriculation Office / International Academic Office, including details of your matriculation number and your study course.

Your attention is drawn to the possibility that non-presentation of the new health insurance certificate, in accordance with § 13 Section 7 in conjunction with § 6 Section 4 Clause 3 ImmaO, can thereby result in premature ex officio exmatriculation, or in the non re-registration for the new semester.

More information on the student health insurance is available here.

In which cases can I be reimbursed the semester fee?

Applications for reimbursement of the semester fee can be submitted to the Immatriculation Office / International Academic Office:

  • if the exmatriculation ensues before the beginning of the semester and the semester fee has already been paid for this coming semester,
  • if too much has been paid,
  • if a new student withdraws from the study course before the beginning of the semester, but has already paid his semester fee.

Reimbursement can only ensue if all the details required in the application were specified and the associated documents required are included. This application can only be submitted by the student concerned! The application form is available in the Student Portal under [Applications].

Applications for reimbursement after the beginning of the semester are to be submitted directly to the Student Council and Student Union Dresden. Whether or to what extent these applications are then approved, is determined in accordance with the respective fee regulations.

How high were the semester fees in the previous semesters?

Semester Semester fee for
direct students that had
not applied for leave of absence
SoSem 1992   41,00 DM
WS 1992/93           41,00 DM
SoSem 1993   80,00 DM
WS 1993/94   90,00 DM
SoSem 1994   81,00 DM
WS 1994/95   89,00 DM
SoSem 1995   89,00 DM
WS 1995/96 105,00 DM
SoSem 1996 105,00 DM
WS 1996/97 115,00 DM
SoSem 1997 162,00 DM
WS 1997/98 172,00 DM
SoSem 1998 173,00 DM
WS 1998/99 183,00 DM
SoSem 1999 191,00 DM
WS 1999/2000 195,00 DM
SoSem 2000 195,00 DM
WS 2000/01 195,00 DM
SoSem 2001 196,00 DM
WS 2001/02 198,00 DM
SoSem 2002 103,00 EUR
WS 2002/03 103,00 EUR
SoSem 2003 107,75 EUR
WS 2003/04 121,75 EUR
SoSem 2004 126,00 EUR
WS 2004/05 126,00 EUR
SoSem 2005 126,00 EUR
WS 2005/06 136,00 EUR
SoSem 2006 136,00 EUR
WS 2006/07 137,60 EUR
SoSem 2007 137,60 EUR
WS 2007/08 160,60 EUR
SoSem 2008 160,60 EUR
WS 2008/09 160,60 EUR
SoSem 2009 160,60 EUR
WS 2009/10 169,70 EUR
SoSem 2010 169,70 EUR
WS 2010/11 203,60 EUR
SoSem 2011 212,60 EUR
WS 2011/12 218,30 EUR
SoSem 2012 219,30 EUR
WS 2012/13 219,30 EUR
SoSem 2013 221,30 EUR
WS 2013/14 242,30 EUR
SoSem 2014 242,30 EUR
WS 2014/15 242,30 EUR
SoSem 2015 248,30 EUR
WS 2015/16 257,90 EUR
SoSem 2016 257,90 EUR

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