Facts and figures of TU Dresden

Selected facts and figures – an overview

  • Five schools with 14 Faculties
  • 35.961 students, including 8.474 1st year students (as of 01.12.2015)
  • 4.876 budgetarily financed employees (incl. research assistants, incl. medical science w/out avocational employees, as of 01.12.2015)
  • 39.4% of students come from Saxony, 20.9% from the other former East German federal states, 25.1% from the former West German federal states and 13.4% of student are from abroad (as of 01.12.2015)
  • External funding of 243.0 million Euro (2014)
  • From 2012, the TUD is one of the eleven Excellence Initiative universities in Germany

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