Time-Service (NTP and clock network)

Scope of Service & Options

  • exact time signal (DCF77)
  • time synchronization through the data network/ telecommunication network
  • time synchronization for DV-devices, secondary clocks
  • installation and operationg of secondary clocks in TU buildings 
  • operation of tower clocks


  • for DV end devices the time server in the operating system is to be adjusted
    time.zih.tu-dresden.de (NTP/UDP-Port 123)
  • central clock network for secondary clocks in foyers, lecture halls, and towers

Application & Authorization

  • all students, employees and guests of the TUD
  • can be used without application
  • new installation of secondary clocks only within the framework of building work

Obligations & Requirements

  • Network compatible end-device which supports NTP / UDP-Port 123
  • Do NOT try to set secondary clocks on campus yourself

Tariffs & Charging


Service quality (provisioning / support hours / status)

Provisioning Time

available immediately

Support Times

Service Desk Mo-Fr 8am-7pm

Operating Times / Status

around the clock

Service in operations?

Please report problems to the service desk:

Telefon © ZIH


Service Desk


Visitors address:

Andreas-Pfitzmann-Bau, Room E036 Nöthnitzer Straße 46

01187 Dresden




Postal address:

Technische Universität Dresden, Service Desk

01062 Dresden

work Tel.
+49 351 463-40000
fax Fax
+49 351 463-42328

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday:
08:00 - 19:00

Set up time-service for UNIX-Systems

Time-Service for UNIX-Systems

Set up time-service for Windows-Systems (WIN 7)

Time-Service for WINDOWS-Systems

Explanation of the astronomical clock at the Willers-Bau

Information site

Setting incorrectly functioning secondary clocks

Do not attempt to correct the clocks! The causes of malfunctions in the network clocks are often construction underway (conduction abnormalities), or dirt. An arbitrary "correction" worsens the situation due to the structure of the network clocks or destroys the electro mechanical movement. Therefore please consult the service desk via email (servicedesk@tu-dresden.de) if a clock is not working correctly. We will take care of it as soon as possible.

The TU Dresden is also not responsible for battery-powered (radio) clocks. If you want to install such a clock you are also responsible for faults, battery replacement and conversion during summer / winter time.