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Benefits and Goals

The "TUD Young Investigator" status strengthens excellent, independant junior research group leaders by fostering their integration into the faculties and offering a qualification programme tailored to their particular needs.

The status is awarded for a limited time and includes and entails the following rights:

  • Every "TUD Young Investigator"will be given a TUD university teacher as a mentor and direct contact,
  • will be accepted by the faculty as an assessor and examiner in doctoral procedures, particularly with regard to the dissertations they (co-)supervise,
  • will participate in teaching,
  • will be integrated in their respective faculty, including the possibility to attend public parts of Faculty Council meetings as a guest,
  • will get the opportunity to take part in a range of training individually designed to address the needs of academics in this qualification phase.

The aim of this scheme is to counteract the structural disadvantages sometimes experienced by this group of researchers due to their lack of defined status and poor or nonexistent connection to a faculty.


Who can apply?

  • Junior research group leaders with fixed term contracts with the TU Dresden or a partner institution of the DRESDEN-concept
  • with own budget and staff responsibility,
  • who are academically independent and without affiliation to a professor,
  • who head a research group with at least two academics (excluding the head).
  • In addition to a completed doctorate with a grade of at least very good, evidence of performance suitable for postdoctoral lecturer qualification is necessary.
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Information on the application procedure can be found in the current Announcement.

To apply you need the Application for the award of the "TUD Young Investigator" status and the Agreement with the Faculty

Currently, you can make an application for the award of the "TUD Young Investigator" status to the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Food Chemistry
  • Faculty of Mathematics
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Transportation and Traffic Science
  • Computer Science
  • Medicine
  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Education
  • Faculty of Law

FAST FORWARD - Qualification Programme for TUD Young Investigators


MODULE 1 - October 2016
Fachkompetenz ist (fast) alles – Kluge Selbstvermarktung ein unverzichtbares Supplement!  //  Dr Elisabeth Zuber-Knost

Training Berufungsverfahren  //  Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf

MODULE 2 - April 2017
Leadership in der Wissenschaft: Teams führen & Promovierende betreuen
Prof Dr Martin Zierold

MODULE 3 - February 2018
Good Scientific Practice  //  Dr Michael Gommel


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Graduate Academy


Angela Böhm

Qualification Programme, PR

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The "TUD Young Investigators" at a glance


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