Guests in the WLAN

Setup of logins for guests in the Wireless LAN of TU Dresden

It is now possible for TU Dresen members to setup WLAN logins for their guests. The run of validity is maximum 30 days. Only the unencrypted radio network VPN/WEB can be used. The guest logins have to be in the form loginname@gast. Duplications will be recognized automatically and refused. The password has to be at least 8 characters in length and has to consist of alphanumeric symbols, hyphen and underscore. After creating the guest login, you can print the accessibility description for you guest.

The IT guideline is suitable for the use of guest logins.

In order to create a guest login, you need to have a ZIH login. We are saving the mappings between ZIH logins a guest logins.

Using the Radio Network

Please search for the radio network VPN/WEB. The network is only accessible via this. Connect with this radio network. If you call up a web page in your web browser, the login dialog will appear. Type in your guest login an password and click on Login. Now you can use the internet connection.

There are the following restrictions and hints:

  • server services cannot be provided
  • there are no connections to the Windows Data Approval
  • use port 587 for mail delivery via SMTP
  • data transfer happens unencrypted and could be eavesdropped; however, you could use your own encryption systems (e.g. ssh, https, VPN)

Terms of Use for the ZIH Member, who created the Guest Login

Terms of use

I am aware that:

  • the ZIH does not use any personal information of the guest,
  • the guest login is related to my accounts validation time and thus related to my person,
  • the creation of a guest login is only permitted in case of official use,
  • only natural persons can get a guest login, as per IT guideline,
  • I am only allowed to assign guest logins to natural persons and group accounts are not allowed,
  • I am only allowed to create guest logins that are explicitly requested by the guest and in his full awareness,
  • during the run of validity I am able to inform the ZIH about which natural person I created the guest account for
  • I am commited to neither use the guest's information for any other use nor give it to third parties,
  • I have to ensure, that personal data of my guest is not accassible to unauthorized people,
  • I am in bond to instantly delete guest data after the expiring time,
  • I have to inform the guest about IT guideline and commit him to its adherence,
  • I have to commit the guest to keep all the internal TUD information in confidence and to not store, use them outside the TUD Dresden or share them with third parties,
  • I am liable for any misuse of the guest account,
  • I accept the setup conditions of guest accounts.